The Ronneby promenade connects the Berlin cityscape with the Wannsee. In order to develop the park and the boat landing stage into a main tourist attraction in the southwest of Berlin, it is necessary not only to upgrade the entire complex, but also to emphasize its own urban character, including trees, bank biotopes and planted embankments. Due to its long form along the Wannsee shore, we have further developed the Ronneby promenade as a linear system in which natural and urban elements combine to form a complex landscape. The design makes specific proposals for change at certain points, which together form a long-term strategy. However, the design also respects the history of the site, which plays a large part in its current character and potential for further development. We propose to redefine the language of the park by optimising and simplifying it without giving up its existing identity. This will turn the Ronnebypromenade into a new urban promenade where people meet, wait for their boat or simply enjoy the landscape.

A clear and careful treatment of the edges between paving and planting  creates different areas for relax along the bank. The new pinstripes in the surface connect the spaces along the waterfront, thus activating them and making them accessible to everyone. In various areas (such as under the bridge, at the life-saver or at the eastern end of the park) new functions are added to increase the variety of uses and create new destinations. Thus, residents and tourists will not only come to the landing stage of the park for boats, but also for other reasons and rediscover its beauty.

project:       Redesign of the Ronnebypromenade and Wannsee landing stage in Berlin

location:     Berlin, Germany

status:         open competition

with:           Oasi architects

year:           2019