The structure of the Walckerpark is characterized by its urban planning situation as the entrance to the baroque inner city and by the topographical situation with the higher lying Heilbronner road. Its closeness to the Residenzschoss was also decisive for us, as it must be expected that guests of the castle will begin their visit by leaving the car "below" the new Walckerpark. The way through the Walckerpark must therefore be remembered as a first impression on the way to the castle: a modern city park with mature trees, lawns that invite you to picnic and exciting play areas that shorten the walk to the castle for young visitors.


Topography is the main actor of the new park. Recalling the movement in front of the ancient castle, the existing structure is modeled and augmented to accommodate the new program. To the east of the parking structure, the existing topography along the B27 has also increased by about 1 to 1.5 m to continue the noise barrier along the northern edge of the park. Here the slopes serve as protection but will also be used as a playground for children and teenagers. In the southern border, land movement is revisited to provide a buffer for residents and southern courtyards while providing a park facility.

project:       Walckerpark Ludwigsburg Ideen- und Realisierungswettbewerb

location:     Ludwigsburg, Germany

status:         closed competition - special mention

with:           Lysann Schmidt

                   Heiko Holzberger (traffic engineering consultant) 

                  Octavian Catlabuga (model making)

year:           2018