VibRad is an art installation that implements RadBahn project in Berlin into the first continuous urban landmark and transforming a mobility project into a sustainable energy collector.


A series of two meters long tubes hang from the ceiling of the existing structure, each of them contains a sensor detecting vibrations of the U1-viaduct, movement of the cars passing by and wind. It harvests kinetic energy and transforms it into electrical impulses. The provision of renewable energy later flows into the surrounding network, being both as an opportunity for the whole city and the improvement of bikers transit: lights, interactive signals, bike facilities and wifi stations. The introduction of piezoelectric system helps Radbahn to achieve a fundamental city challenge: how to make the flip toward new ways to reduce CO2 emission through innovative forms of energy production and sustainable urban mobility.


A continuos surface of 8 Km swings during the day and glows in the dark. Dynamic and lightful, the installation is not only an energetic infrastructure but also an intervention on public space,  attracting the attention of passengers and tourists, bikers and pedestrians. VibRad aims to become a successful practice of an existing infrastructure co-use, clean energy collection and innovative smart mobility.

U-bahn trains are constantly moving by definition. This movement has been extended with Radbahn to a multiple transportation system and now integrated into the city as continuous dynamic landmark. VibRad is a sustainable energy collector but also an urban symbol of Berlin dynamism.


If U-bahn connects, Radbahn opens, VibRad attracts!

project:       International Competition Radbahn+Innovators

location:     Berlin, Germany

status:         open competition - 1st prize

with:           Filippo Imberti

year:           2018