Greater part of lookout towers have been erected for one purpose: to have immediately upwards a 360 ° panoramic view. But towers are more than that. With their presence they mark a place in a landscape. They are “of significance” for everything that lives and for those who pass by. We propose a tower that stands there, visible from afar. A new dynamic landmark that changes following the seasons. Not a fixed architecture but a land-art installation that is part of its natural context. It is not just about the height compared to the horizon, but also about bringing a direction into the landscape. The tower is not a pin, but an environmental organism that reacts to the climate conditions among, aimed at the low- lying grasslands and agricultural future park.

The tower is a symbol of time changes, a symbols of a bigger consciousness of the water power. An ephemeral and poetic sign in the land that plays with the nature and with the natural elements, modifying the ground around it.The tower must stand there, out of respect for the beauty and the landscape. The tower is designed using the water as a soft structural element. The new look-out platform is more that a place to enjoy the landscape, because is part of it and it changes into it. It is a dynamic environmental land-art, that reacts with the different states of the water: during harsh winters the structure could be frozen, becoming a reflective block; in the spring it brings new life to the landscape, being a irrigation system. The water is used to cultivate a garden in the immediate surrounding, and to attract migrants animals and plants. The tower during the hot summer disappears, just a vertical cloud is visible. The evaporation of the water creates a dense fog around the structure, where people can find an refreshment island. The architecture shows the naked structure in the colored falls and the water during the rainy days is collected into the tower tank.

project:       CONTREI LIVE Stadsgroen Ghellinck Kortrijk 

location:     Stadsgroen Ghellinck Park, Kortrijk, Belgium

status:         open call

year:           2019