Pink Mammals is a new thinking process about the relationship between human and nature. It is becoming a necessity to have a new “thought on the world” in order to change the natural conditions of our contemporary society. The design of the international wildlife center is an experimental project aiming to facilitate the cohabitation between the humans and the animals. The vision is to take in consideration the needs of humans with the same attention given to the different animals and vegetation taken care of. Therefore, the existing human being and ecosystems have the same value. There is no center of any kind, just a non-anthropocentric environment. The idea for a new wildlife center is to create a different approach inside the natural reserve through a landscape strategy that joins the touristic needs with a new relationship to the nature. The project relies on a path 15 meter high from the ground level. This weak and performative infrastructure of a diameter of 2 km proposes an artificial interface that allows to create different conditions inside the park. The distinctive element of this infrastructure is its “pink mammals” that collect rain water. This water reserve offers different uses: creation of a wetland area, creation of pipelines in case of fire emergency, irrigation of small vegetable gardens to feed the people living in the park…The touristic facilities are all concentrated in one building, reducing the use of the soil and inserting a new representative element on the territory.

project:       International Wildlife Center Competition 

location:     Kruger Park, South Africa

status:         open competition

with:           Angelo Renna

year:           2015