Sommerfrische on the Panoramaweg landscape network

The summer resorts in Schwarzatal has always been a holiday of deceleration in nature. Activities from the historic summer resort were strolling, culture and art, celebrating and socialising. Today the Schwarzatal valley as place of the summer resort has been forgotten. 

Guests and visitors come briefly for one day in the area because of the experience of nature and wildlife of the valley, hiking, relaxing, barbecuing, drinking beer, sitting outside, enjoying nature are the only activities possible. New impulses are now coming from the IBA Sommerfrische and the Zukunftswerkstatt e.V. What is missing, however, is a joint overall strategy for the development of a landscape-tourism mission statement and an organisational structure that coordinates the diverse tasks, carries them forward and mobilises potential.

The Panoramaweg is known nationwide. It connects to the Rennsteig long-distance hiking trail and is used extensively as a hiking trail, e.g. on thehiking compass and the Thüringer-Wald-Homepage, and marketed. However, local actors and the impression on site show, that the trails are in poor condition. Without good hiking trails as the core of tourism, the region will not be able to survive as a tourist destination. First and foremost, it is therefore necessary to maintain and restore the panoramic path and, more importantly Cross connections.

The strategy of "less is more" means to focus on the panoramic path and the most important cross connections during maintenance and further development. The Panoramaweg is the result of this networking of the existing paths. The network extensions result from strategically selected locations that accommodate special offers or a landscape or cultural potential.The proposed cross connections to be strengthened will be integrated into the Panoramaweg network.

project:     IBA Thüringen / Schwarzatal competition

location:    Thüringen (DE)

status:        international closed competition - 1st prize

with:          Manmadeland

year:          2018-ongoing