Sotto le stelle del cinema film festival has a magical effect for the citizens of Bologna, who see for about a month a year one of the main spaces of the city transformed into an open air cinema, as many say, the most beautiful cinema in the world.

In this period of health crisis that forces us to stay away, such an event is difficult to realize. Physical distancing becomes a necessary parameter to confront. It is in times of difficulty that we need to think even more. Keeping the surprise and amazement effect, we wondered how it was possible to keep the event through new ways of setting up the space in safety. Rethinking proxemics, especially in public spaces where the density of people will be more controlled, requires a greater effort to imagine innovative ideas that will lead us towards a new normality.

Can we think of transforming Piazza Maggiore into a large temporary garden? Lots of small rooms, where of course the distance between the spectators is guaranteed but at the same time a new landscape is created to be crossed and constantly changing. The construction could be organized in collaboration with some local nurseries and at the end of the festival you could return part of the shopping, selling the plants. In order to quota people you could enable access by booking online or on the phone for people who are struggling to use digital platforms.

project:       Proposal for "Sotto le stelle del cinema" outdoor film festival setting

location:     Bologna, Italy

status:         design proposal

year:           2020