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Cultivate a regenerative landscape

The competition for the development of the Quartiers- und Landschaftspark Berlin TXL aims to transform the existing central airport open space into a new urban landscape with high ecological value. Our answer is an experimental park that combines public functions with a high degree of biodiversity. The conversion of Tegel Airport offers a unique opportunity to create a new public open space with a unique ecological identity. As a territorial green corridor, the TXL Park therefore has a fundamental task in supra-local urban development: the connection between the city and the natural landscape. At the local level, the TXL Landscape Park plays the role of a catalyst. Its ecological character is used as a design parameter to intensify relations with the urban hinterland and to develop a resilient urban system.



An interface is the boundary between two spatial regions in different physical states. In our case, the Heide and the Quartierspark are the central elements closely related to their urban and landscape context, in continuous exchange along their borders. The project identifies four phase boundaries where the two systems are confronted with each other:  Heide-forest ecotones, Tecno heidefront, Heide-Industrial Interface, Landschaftspark - experimental fields. From these four eco-interfaces with different parameters, four different intermediate landscapes with their own ecological character and program are developed. The value of a landscape rises with the number of ecotones, as there is a significantly higher number of ecological niches and therefore more biodiversity in these marginal areas.



The Heide and the Quartierspark are the "hardware components": two different systems, but with a strong relationship to each other. In the overall system, the Heide is the historical heart, which can only be maintained in its ecological balance through care. This competition entry preserves the wild landscape with its nutrient-poor soils and proposes traditional maintenance measures such as grazing or controlled burning to keep the heath open and prevent nutrient accumulation in the soil. The Quartierspark is the urban translation of the Heide into a residential context and at the same time the extension of the territorial green corridor.

project:      Quartiers- und Landschaftspark Berlin TXL | open 2-phases competition

location:    Tegel TXL, Berlin

status:        finalist

year:          2019

with:          Lysann Schmidt