The installation designed by fabulism for the event Post Disaster Rooftop E02 creates a scenography that has as its underlying theme the desire to investigate the precariousness of the urban and social fabric of Taranto.

The discourse on architecture and its decadence constitutes the centrality of the intervention, revealing at the same time its origin in the living space of a shared place. Reinterpreting the geometries of the urban fabric, the title provocatively takes as its reference the safety nets lying on the falling facades of the buildings of the old city. From a symbol of urban precariousness, the nets become the pretext for the creation of a possible temporary scenario of sharing and dialogue.

The terrace of Palazzo Lo Jucco is transformed into an artificial garden, with shaded outlines: a skin covers the entire extension of the roof, the forms, protrusions and volumes are emphasised by the soft surface that completely envelops it. The bright blue colour abstracts the original aspect of the architecture and allows a partial glimpse of its texture, thus creating a suspended space open to the surrounding landscape.

project:       Setting for Post Disaster Rooftops  EP02 > A New Abnormal 

location:     Palazzo Lo Jucco, Taranto, Italy

status:         private commision

photos:       Pierfrancesco Lafratta,  fabulism

year:           2019