The project was developed under the International Urban Design Ideas Competition for the future of Berlin-Brandenburg 2070, marking 100 years anniversary of greater Berlin. The competition jury have selected it among 20 best entries, as 4th place winner.

To predict the political, cultural and technological developments in the next 50 years is an intricate effort. However, some of the challenges we are facing nowadays will go far beyond the next 50 years. Climate related changes are inevitable. We are certain that the climate is changing as well as we know that Brandenburg will become warmer and more dry. We know that this will have consequences for food production and biodiversity and that structures in industry, agriculture and energy management will have to adapt. As well as landscape, water and bio systems will be affected by these changes.

‘Landscapes of Differences’ suggests initiating a long-term transformation process of these systems to ensure a resilient and productive future for Brandenburg and Berlin. This transformation creates the framework in which the lives of citizens in their social and economic facets can develop freely and are future-proof. Starting with ecosystems in Brandenburg, it forms the basis for systemic and sustainable change and offers to re-think the existing structures and relations between cities and nature, production and every days life. Focusing on different  landscape systems, it initiates changes to ensure a resilient and productive future for Brandenburg and Berlin. This transformation process is reflected in four landscapes: water, energy, mobility and build-up environment and presented by three prototype places typically found in Brandenburg: medium size city – Oranienburg, regional park segment in Trebbiner, and high density urban quarter in Berlin -Kreuzberg. Each of these prototype cases presents a toolkit to adapt and activate above mentioned transformations.

project:           International urban planning competition Berlin- Brandenburg 2070

client:              The Governing Major of Berlin on behalf of Architects and Engineers Association (AIV) of Berlin

location:         Berlin, Germany

status:             open two phases competition - 4th prize

with:               TSPA, Lysann Schmidt landschaftsarchitektin

consultants:    Melissa Gómez (mobility), Marcus Andreas (sustainabilty), Florian Strenge (urbanism & design processes)

year:               2020